3 Strategies to Keep Customers Safe at Your Petrol Station

As a petrol station owner, you know that your petrol station has potential to be a hazardous place for customers. The danger can come in many forms – whether it’s from the risk of fire, theft, violence, or simply slipping and falling. But the good news is that being aware of these dangers is the first step towards keeping your customers as safe as possible.

In this article, you’ll find three strategies that you can use in order to make your petrol station a safer place for customers to fuel up and shop.

1. Utilise caution signs

Caution signs can (and should) be used in all types of circumstances. Whether there’s a slippery oil spill, a patch of ice, or simply a wet floor, you should put a caution sign up so customers know to either tread carefully or avoid the area entirely.

Something else you can do if an oil spill should occur at your petrol station: spread a mixture of fine gravel or absorbent cloth, as this material will absorb the oil. This should be easily available at your site in your spill kit.

2. Supply safety training and safety manuals

Your employees should know what to do in the event of an emergency. So they feel secure in understanding how to handle such a situation, it’s good practice to hold a fire drill once every 6 months. Holding such drills frequently is smart because it ensures that all of your employees experience the procedure.

ServoSkills is a great way of ensuring that your employees are fully trained. ServoPro members have free access to this training.

Even if your employees are trained, though, that doesn’t mean your customers are. To extend the message, put up ‘Dos and Dont’s’ signs around your petrol station that they can observe.

3. Put security cameras in place

Because of the steady flow of customers at most petrol stations, they are unfortunately vulnerable to robberies. This, combined with the late hours that many petrol stations hold, can put your customers and staff in danger. In order to keep your business as safe as possible, place security cameras around, along with an alarm and sufficient lighting.

If the worst case scenario happens and you do get robbed, with security cameras in place, at least you’ll have evidence of the perpetrator.

Safety at Your Petrol Station

Safety should be a top priority at your petrol station. Follow these tips to make it the most secure that it can be – and for more tips on how to optimise your petrol station, check out ServoPro’s blog.

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