Promotion Ideas for your Service Station

To make sure that your service station performs its best, it should stand out from the rest. There are plenty of petrol stations in Australia, so you want to give people a reason to choose yours.

Here are some proven promotional strategies for your service station:

Make sure your service is excellent

One easy way to do this is to get to know your customer base. Once you start noticing regulars, make a point to remember what they buy and always keep it in stock. This friendly, community feel that you create will make your business stick out in people’s minds, and they’ll always think of you first when they need petrol or a few quick items.

Encourage personal recommendations

By encouraging your regulars to promote your service station to their friends and family, you can widen your customer base. This is how you leverage your customers and get your existing business to work in your favour.

Ask customers to give you online reviews

Everyone is online these days. Getting your customers to use Google Reviews can increase customers’ trust in your brand, improve your SEO performance and online presence, generate more exposure for your petrol station, and attract more customers. You can always offer incentives like a free car wash or a free coffee if a customer leaves you an online review.

Accept negative feedback, then fix what’s wrong

By asking for online feedback, you’re opening yourself up to potentially negative reviews. If you receive a negative review, don’t delete it or ignore it. Respond to it in a way that lets that particular customer (and others who may be reading the interaction) know that you care about your customer’s experiences and want to do what you can to amend what went wrong.

Utilise social media

Social media is one of the most effective forms of promotion for a service station. You can let your followers know about specials you’ve got going on, run competitions, or simply keep them in the know about prices and everyday deals. In order to stay afloat in this day and age, your business should definitely be on social media. It’s an effective way to engage with your customers and best of all it is free.

Invest in your image

The truth of the matter is that people will judge a service station by the way it looks. If you keep your service station looking inviting and keep it clean and fresh, people are much more likely to choose you over a competitor who doesn’t keep up their appearance so well.

By taking advantage of these promotion ideas, your service station will be on an upward trend for attracting new customers and keeping the regulars.

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