FastFuel – Payment Solutions for Australia’s harsh climate

Due to Australia’s sheer size of and climatic diversity, businesses have very specific requirements for their outdoor payment solutions to enable them to take payments in the different and varied weather situations that Australia throws at them. Quest Payment Systems, Australia’s only Original Equipment Manufacturer of payment solutions, understands this and provides solutions capable of meeting your needs.

Payment solutions from Quest Payment Systems are designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia and are built to last in the harsh Australian climate. The FastFuel products from Quest provide market-leading outdoor payment solutions capable of solving any issue you have. From basic set amount transactions, through to full function unattended Outdoor Payment Terminal systems.

The rugged and reliable FastFuel OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) is developed using true Australian innovation. Incorporating Quest’s unattended payment terminal, the FastFuel OPT delivers the ability to accept debit, credit, fuel cards and white cards for the automatic dispensing of fuel products to your customers. It is the most powerful and versatile unattended fuel payment system available on the market.

Most importantly, our solutions are built tough with industrial PC and weather resistant aluminium for maximum reliability, and designed to withstand the cold, wet, hot, dry and dusty Australian weather temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

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