Drive Off Alert FAQs – How Are You Notified of a Repeat Offender?

Fuel theft or ‘Drive Offs’ costs our industry millions of dollars every year. At ServoPro we are on a mission to reduce Drive Offs through our partnership with Drive Off Alert.

When looking at the Drive Off Alert solution, fuel retailers often ask…

If Drive Off Alert picks up a number plate that is on the repeat offender database, how will the console operator be notified?

The console operator is notified via audio and visual alerts on the iPad app. It normally sits next to your POS system with the audio alert loud enough to grab the operator’s attention even if they are refilling fridges or cleaning the coffee machine on the other side of the shop.

If you would like more information on Drive Off Alert and how we can reduce your Drive Off’s by up to 70%, contact Dan Armes at ServoPro on 0490 415 063 or [email protected]

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