Cameras capture barefoot man allegedly robbing servo at knifepoint

Police are searching for a man who allegedly robbed a service station on the Gold Coast.

The alleged incident happened in the suburb of Southport about 7.30pm on Saturday.

Police released security camera footage of the barefoot man walking into the servo allegedly armed with a knife and brandishing it at the cashier as well as a nearby customer.

Nobody was hurt during the incident and the alleged thief made off with cigarettes, police said.

In the footage, the man is allegedly shown waving the knife at the cashier who appears to be following his instructions.

Security cameras captured the alleged robber’s face as he walked past fuel pumps before donning a mask and moving inside.

He was dressed in a hi-vis jumper and white cap, and was not wearing shoes.

Police released footage of the alleged robbery on Monday as part of their ongoing investigation of the incident.


Extracted from The Australian

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