Drive Off Alert FAQs – Are all ANPR Security Cameras the same?

Fuel theft or ‘Drive Offs’ costs our industry millions of dollars every year. At ServoPro we are on a mission to reduce Drive Offs through our partnership with Drive Off Alert.

When looking at the Drive Off Alert solution, fuel retailers often ask…

My CCTV contractor talked about ANPR cameras. Is this the same as the Drive Off Alert System?

They are not the same. The ANPR Drive Off Alert system comes with more advanced computing power that helps with accuracy and efficiency compared to off-market cameras with inbuilt chips.

Also, the Drive Off Alert application is custom-made for the retail fuel industry with many added features and utilities to help reduce drive-offs.

If you would like more information on Drive Off Alert and how we can reduce your Drive Off’s by up to 70%, contact Dan Armes at ServoPro on 0490 415 063 or [email protected]

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