Widening Your Horizons: Expanding Your Customer Base as a Petrol Station

There’s no denying that a successful petrol station needs regular customers. Recognising the people who regularly visit your store is a great way to encourage connection within your community. You can be confident that these people will always return to your business. They provide ongoing business to your service station and brighten your days all in the same breath.

But success at your petrol station can’t rely solely on your regulars. You need to get some outside customers through your doors, too, and add them into the mix. And, who knows, maybe they’ll become regulars themselves!

So, how do you go about expanding your customer base? Let’s go over a few key methods that you can use.

Get the word out about referrals

If you already have a loyal customer base (which you probably do), you can do wonders in growing your numbers by encouraging referrals. And how can you encourage them, exactly? By offering incentives!

Most likely, you already have a rewards program that your customers use. By tying in referrals to this program, you can expand your customer base and reward your regulars at the same time.

Ask your customers where their friends and family members buy their fuel and if it’s somewhere else, ask them why.

Improve the quality of your service

Your petrol station should be an enjoyable place for customers to stop, fuel up, and shop. You can ensure this by checking on your regulars and making sure that everything is going well and that you’re stocking the products that they are looking for.

Making your customers feel seen and valued like this will guarantee to have them coming back to give you repeat business. They might also tell their friends and colleagues how great your petrol station treats its customers, which will encourage those people to stop in.

Get on those Google reviews

If you have a good reputation online, the business will boom. By requesting that happy customers leave you a review on Google, the word will spread, and you’ll see more customers come through your doors after hearing the good news.

More and more people are looking at Google reviews to decide where they shop. You can’t afford to ignore what people are saying about your business online.

Customers at Your Petrol Station

Your customers are the driving force behind your petrol station, so it’s important to make sure that they are always satisfied. For news, tips on expanding your customer base and advice on growing your business, check out ServoPro’s blog

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