Why You Should Conduct a Service Station Audit

To many business owners, the idea of completing an audit can be intimidating. However, conducting regular audits of your service station can actually be incredibly helpful. When done correctly, regular monthly audits allow you to ensure your petrol station is remaining compliant and up to date in all areas.

Without regular reviews, it can become easier to neglect certain areas or allow trouble spots to go unchecked. This can lead to issues such as safety concerns, unsatisfactory conditions, and ongoing need for improvement. Benefits of conducting regular audits at your service station include:

Regular Risk Assessment
As the owner of a service station, it’s important to realize the unique risks that are inherent with running your business. From safety concerns, to highly specialized equipment and procedures, knowing your petrol station’s risks is important in order to prevent hazards, emergencies, or accidents.

Running regular audits allows for your service station to continually assess their risks and catch notable risks early. This can prevent dangerous situations or occurrences from happening, and will increase your confidence not only in the conditions of your business, but in the knowledge and training of your staff as well.

Identifying Trouble Spots
Regular audits help business owners find trouble spots in their business. Whether this be in security procedure, cleaning, or simply customer service, the first step in fixing a problem at your petrol station is being aware that it exists. Carrying out thorough monthly audits will help you identify issues as they arise, and resolve them quickly.

Increase Accountability
As a small business owner, one of the cornerstones of maintaining a high level of quality at your service station is maintaining a comprehensive air of accountability. Audits help to create accountability not only among upper management, but among staff as well. When you and your team are aware that your work and service station are being reviewed on a regular basis, there is enhanced motivation to maintain high standards.

Ensuring Compliance
If your service station is not in compliance with government regulations, that is a major problem. Maintaining good compliance means you are operating a legal, up to grade business. If you fail to maintain compliance and an issue arises such as robbery or fire, this may result in lapsed insurance coverage or force you to assume fault and negligence as an owner.

Regular audits including testing of amenities, security, food safety, and more will ensure that your business is compliant with all compliance regulations. This is a great way to both protect your service station from potential complications, and ensure the ongoing safety of your staff and customers.

ServoPro Makes Audits Easier
At ServoPro, we’re on a mission to make life easier for all of our members. This is why we’ve created a simple audit application available to all of our members. This easy-to-use app allows you to register your service station and receive monthly audits that can help ensure that your business maintains its compliance.

To use, simply fill out our Site Audit Request Form. From there, the ServoPro team will send you an email at the beginning of each month notifying you that your site audit is ready to complete. These audits are simple to use, and can be completed at any time, on any device including computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

If any issues are flagged in your requested audit, ServoPro will be in contact immediately with suggested steps and guidance to help your petrol station achieve full compliance.

For more information, reach out to a member of our team, or sign up for your first audit today!

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