What Is The Legal Age to Refuel a Car in Australia?

Refuelling a car at a petrol station is a rite of passage for many young people as they transition into adulthood. However, there are legal age restrictions for this seemingly simple task depending on where you are located in Australia. So, what is the legal age to fill a car with petrol in Australia?

Refuelling a car carries inherent risks. Pulling the nozzle out too early or not releasing your grip on the pump can result in flammable liquid spilling everywhere, posing a serious fire hazard. Older vehicles, in particular, can easily ignite spilled fuel.

To clarify, we’ve gathered information from police, transport bodies, and service station providers across Australia about the legal minimum age for refuelling a car.

What’s the Legal Age to Fill a Car with Petrol in Australia?

While no specific road rules dictate the legal age for refuelling in Australia, health and safety regulations generally require individuals to be between 15 and 16 years old, depending on the service station’s policies.

A spokesperson for Shell stated, “You must be over 16 years of age to refuel a car legally.” Similarly, a BP spokesperson noted, “It’s against the law for children under 15 to operate petrol pumps, even under adult supervision.” United Petroleum echoed this sentiment, advising, “Do not allow a child under 15 years of age to hold or operate the petrol nozzle.”

State-Specific Regulations

New South Wales

Transport for NSW indicates that the NSW Road Rules do not specify an age for refuelling. However, service stations may have their age requirements.


According to the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, “Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, it’s illegal for children under 15 to operate petrol pumps, even under adult supervision.”


A Main Roads spokesperson stated, “For safety reasons, a person must be at least 16 years old to operate a fuel pump in Queensland. Significant penalties apply to fuel stations allowing children to operate fuel pumps.”

Western Australia  

In WA, “Children under 15 are prohibited from refuelling a car. This is part of the Australian Standards (AS1940), not state legislation.”

South Australia  

In SA, the police confirm that the legal minimum age to refuel a vehicle is 16.


A spokesperson for the Department of Police, Fire, and Emergency Management cited section 336 of the Work, Health & Safety Regulations 2023, stating, “A person conducting a business or undertaking must not direct or allow a worker to supply a hazardous chemical that is a flammable gas or flammable liquid unless the worker is at least 16 years of age.”

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Federal Police noted, “There are no specific legislative provisions… purchasing fuel is a civil transaction between the petrol station and the motorist, which may have conditions such as age, not smoking, or mobile phone use.”


In Australia, the legal age to refuel a car varies by state and service station, generally ranging between 15 and 16 years old. Understanding these regulations ensures safety and compliance, helping young people take responsible steps into adulthood.

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