The Most Important Areas to Deep Clean at Your Petrol Station

The majority of our members know the importance of daily cleaning in and around their petrol station. Keeping on top of routine tidying can ensure the satisfaction and safety of your customers, and most of these simple cleaning tasks can be executed daily by your staff. But what about those hard to reach areas?

From caponies to stained forecourts, there are some less accessible areas of your service station that should never be forgotten, and many may require professional assistance. Luckily, Hard Surface Cleaners can help.

HSC is an Indigenous owned and operated business that has been helping petrol stations maintain exemplary levels of cleanliness for years. We reached out for their insight into what areas are often overlooked by service station owners during daily maintenance, and to see how hiring a team of professionals can help your business achieve a notably deeper clean.

Canopies and Fascias
Due to their inaccessible nature, canopies and fascias at your service station can often be neglected during day to day operations. However, ignoring them can lead to unsightly build up and debris.

Soft washing is a technique that is normally used in these areas. Soft washing differs from pressure cleaning in that a cleaning solution is applied at low pressure or using a soft bristled brush, reducing the risk of damage or harm to painted or fragile surfaces. The dirt and surface build up is gently yet effectively removed, leaving behind an undeniable result.

HSC can transform the look and longevity of these areas by doing the dirty work for you. From clearing cobwebs to power washing even the toughest to reach spaces, Hard Surface Cleaners can help to ensure that the overhead of your forecourt is presentable all year long.

Oil Stains and Gum Removal
As soon as customers pull into your petrol station, they begin making their first impressions. Concrete and pathways stained by oil or littered with gum and other tough to remove debris can lead to general impressions of disrepair. When customers pull in and are immediately met by dirt, grime, and stains, they may begin to question the quality of general products available at your petrol station. This uncertainty and discomfort can turn a first visit into a last for many potential customers.

Furthermore, a dirty forecourt can result in similarly dirty foot traffic coming in and out of your store. This can lead to a need for more frequent mopping, sweepings, and added difficulty in maintaining high levels of cleanliness inside your business.

Hiring professionals such as those at HSC can help your station to maintain untarnished concrete in all areas of your service station. HSC offers high powered pressure washing to eliminate tough oil staining and difficult to remove substances such as chewing gum for a clean, uniform finish that is reflective of the quality of your business.

Digital Displays and Windows
Maintaining a clear, clean finish to surfaces such as digital displays and windows can be time consuming, and many petrol station owners may view servicing these areas as a burden. However, allowing digital displays and windows to cloud or fog can lead to low visibility and a poor general appearance. Business owners can relieve themselves of the burden of cleaning these hard to reach areas through the help of a professional service.

This is another area where soft washing is used to ensure delicate areas are not damaged during the cleaning process.

Using a line of premium, environmentally friendly cleaners, HSC can help your petrol station tackle tough dust, dirt, and grime on all electronic and glass surfaces around your service station. From large, storefront windows to tall digital displays, no job is too big, and the difference can immediately be seen.

HSC Makes Tough Maintenance Look Easy
If there’s an area of your petrol station that hasn’t been cleaned in months due to inaccessibility or lack of resources, it may be time to hire professional help. From canopies to forecourts, no area of your service station should be overlooked. A cleaner service station makes for better first impressions, improved customer satisfaction, and can function as a reflection of the general quality of your business.

With years of experience and industry expertise, Hard Surface Cleaners has all the tools and correct methods to make sure that every first impression will be a good one. To learn more about how HSC can help you transform your business, reach out today.

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