Pungent smell could sweep across Geelong due to Viva works, but refinery denies Monday stink was them

Residents are being warned maintenance work at Viva’s Refinery could lead to a pungent smelling agent being released into Geelong’s air in Tuesday.

A spokesman said Tuesday and Wednesday were the highest risk days for the stenching agent mercaptan to be released.

But he denied an odour reported across Geelong on Monday was mercaptan or linked to Viva.

The spokesman said mercaptan is a harmless but pungent-smelling agent which is added to LPG to give it its distinctive gas smell.

“People in the broader Geelong area should be aware that in the event they smell gas during this period, it could be an unintended release of mercaptan and not an LPG leak,” he said.

“However, the community should not hesitate to contact emergency services on triple-0 if there is any concern.”

Maintenance is being conducted on the Benzene Reduction Unit (BRU).

Extracted from Geelong Advertiser

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