Python hides in petrol station bin on Gold Coast

Customers at a Gold Coast petrol station found a nasty surprise waiting for them when they went to fuel up, with a massive python hiding in a bin.

This is the horrifying moment a massive python popped it head out of a petrol station bin while customers were filling up on fuel.

Experienced snake catcher Bryce Lockett was called out to the service station located on the Gold Coast in Queensland on Saturday, December 5.

Staff noticed the massive coastal carpet python slithering around and called for help – while the snake curiously kept popping its head out of the bin, terrifying customers.

The heart-stopping snap has since gone viral on social media, racking up thousands of likes, shares and comments from people round the world.

Mr Lockett, who works for Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast, said: “I got a call from a woman working at the petrol station who said she noticed the snake earlier in the evening.

“She had some snake knowledge and knew it was a python. She closed off the pump and called her manager, who then called us for help.

“The python had made its way into the bin right next to the petrol pumps and was poking its head out looking around.

“I found it quite funny, but there is nothing I haven’t seen before.

“Luckily he was quite relaxed so he came out of the bin without any issues.

“We then relocated him to nearby bushland.”

This article originally appeared on Caters and is reproduced here with permission

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