Gordonvale crash: Service station doors smashed by car

A CAR has smashed into a service station building in Cairns with paramedics and police at the scene trying to work out what went wrong.

An emergency call came in about 2.50pm saying a vehicle had smashed into the doors of the United service station on Cairns Rd in Gordonvale.

A police spokesman confirmed damage had been caused to the front of the servo.

Officers remain at the scene but no arrest has been made.

Paramedics are also at the scene to assess the driver who was out of the vehicle.

It is understood nobody was seriously injured but the building has endured significant damage.

Cheryl Campbell, whose son Paul Campbell owned the building, said the damage could be fixed.

“My son rang me and said there had been an accident and asked me to check on it to make sure everything and everyone is okay.

“Make sure to secure the doors and that everything’s secured for the tenants tonight.

“It’s unfortunate but the damage is repairable and nobody’s injured, that’s the main thing.”

Extracted from Cairns Post

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