Peters Ice Cream finally brings back the ‘beloved’ Twin Pole

It left devastated fans campaigning for almost a decade – now Peters has finally brought back the much-adored frozen treat.

Today is an exciting day if you’re from Western Australia.

Peters has announced the return of its beloved Twin Pole ice cream after more than a decade of campaigning from west coast devotees who were left devastated by it being discontinued.

For the rest of the country there’s good news too – the Twin Pole ice cream will now be sold in all states – meaning we can all finally understand why the Peters ice cream was “beloved by young and old”.

The Twin Pole ice creams have already been spotted in supermarkets with fans of the frozen sweet treat taking to Facebook to share the good news.


“Look what Peters has just rereleased. I’m in heaven!” one excited Twin Pole devotee shared in the Old Shops Australia Facebook group.

Members of the Bring Back The Twin Pole Facebook group also celebrated the news, with the group’s founder Neil Hancock, who had campaigned on Twin Pole’s behalf for almost a decade, ecstatic about its return.

“Twin Pole was my favourite treat. I would always have one after playing squash and have many happy memories associated with it,” he said.

“I even had Twin Poles at my wedding! I always hoped that Peters would see the group and bring it back, but now it’s a reality I’m blown away by the surprise.”


Fans in the Facebook group reported that demand in WA was already strong for the newly returned Twin Poles, with one person lamenting: “I tried to get some and they were all gone.”

“I suggest everyone go to Woolworths website and search for Twin Poles, check stock at your local store,” another person helpfully shared.

“Then when you get there and can‘t see them on the shelves, hope a super helpful shop assistant finds them out back for you!”

Others on Facebook who got to try the returned Twin Poles reported that the shape and flavour was slightly different to what they remembered.


“I loved these as a kid but can’t say the flavour is 100 per the same … still very yummy though,” one shopper said.

“No artificial flavours or colours …. Definitely not the same recipe then,” another joked.

“Have to say they are pretty good, but don‘t taste like they used to,” one devotee said.

To celebrate its return, Peters has brought back the original Pineapple and Raspberry Twin Pole, as well as two new flavours: the Vanilla Chocolate Twin Pole and the Cookies and Cream Twin Pole.

The Twin Pole costs $7 for a four pack and will be available in all supermarkets from mid-October.

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