How to Keep Staff Safe at Your Petrol Station

Petrol station employees are at a much higher risk these days. Believe it or not, your staff face a higher rate of workplace violence than nearly any other non-law enforcement profession.

Your petrol station is your business, and your employees should feel they’re in a safe environment. So, what measures can you take to ensure their safety?

Start at the Beginning with a Security Checklist

To better assess and secure your business, the best way to get started is with a checklist to see which measures you have in place are effective and where your security is lacking. Consider the following questions.

  • Are all pumps visible to your attendants?
  • Can your employees see as much of the shop and forecourt as possible? (e.g., no blind spots)
  • Is there adequate lighting to increase visibility (especially at night)?
  • Do you have enough security cameras (if any) with precise imaging?
  • Do you ever have only one employee working? (at least two is highly recommended)
  • Is there a panic button at the counter or place of interaction?

Hopefully, you’ve answered yes to all these questions. If not, let’s examine how you can increase your security to optimal levels.

Security Measures for Your Business

  • Never schedule a single employee to work at your petrol station. Always keep two or more on the clock to decrease the likelihood of dangerous situations.
  • Install site-specific locks at any vulnerable doorways. Having locks on backdoors, side doors, and especially the front doors will be a barrier for your employees.
  • A night window allows you to serve customers during danger periods (e.g. at night).
  • Consider installing a button at the console which allows staff to open and close the main door. This allows staff to only open the door when they deem it safe to do so.
  • Barriers may seem extreme but have proven to decrease the chances of an armed robbery occuring. Unfortunately, there will be criminals who go to the extreme, and these barriers could be why a life is saved.

Ask ServoPro for Assistance
ServoPro membership for petrol stations and retailers is a great way to boost your business’ security systems. Our team offers various special services to our members, such as safety training and ideal security systems to keep your employees always feeling safe and secure. Contact our team to get started today.

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