How to Conduct an Energy Audit

The amount you spend on energy depends on numerous factors, but one thing is certain; the less energy your business consumes, the more you’re going to save on your electricity bill. Conducting an energy audit, whether by yourself or by a professional, is a great step to ensure your energy consumption is running at peak efficiency.

In this article, we’ll provide some key points in conducting your own audit at your business (or home).

Check Your Equipment

The best place to start is by checking the equipment at your petrol station. Consider how long you’ve owned this equipment; when was the last time it was replaced? Older equipment has a tendency to be significantly less energy-efficient, so if your budget allows, consider newer equipment and appliances to restore energy efficiency.

Note: When purchasing new appliances, go for one with the highest power star rating your budget allows.

Unplug It

Unbeknownst to many, equipment that isn’t in use but is still plugged in continues using energy. ‘Standby Mode’ may seem effective, but it can be accountable for as much as 10% of energy consumption. If it’s not being used, unplug it!

Look at Your Lighting

It’s habitual to turn the lights off when you leave the room at home, and while it does save energy, the type of lighting you’re using may be the culprit in your business. If you haven’t already, try switching to LED lighting. They use less energy than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting because they work at a much lower temperature and often last much longer than traditional lighting.

Check Your Insulation

Any gaps under doors or around windows allow warm or cool air to escape, causing your air conditioning system to work harder than it should and driving up your energy bills. Identifying these escapes allows you to put proper measures in place to regulate the air temperature and give your system a break.

Switch Your Energy

Perhaps the simplest resolution to your energy issues is to consider switching your provider. If you haven’t found anything in your home or business that could be causing issues, will analyze your energy use and advise you on whether your tariff suits your needs.

ServoPro and Make It Cheaper

ServoPro has been partnering with Make It Cheaper and is dedicated to helping you save on your energy bills. Make It Cheaper audits our member’s energy consumption and provides solutions that bring significant savings.

If you’ve been cringing at your recent electricity bills or simply want to know how to be more energy-efficient, we want to hear from you. Forward us your latest electricity account for our experts to review and we’ll get straight to work!

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