Government has a ‘process of analysis’ underway for electric vehicles

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the federal government understand “the dynamics of this nation” after being questioned over comments made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison regarding electric vehicles.

At the last federal election in 2019, Mr Morrison said then Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wanted to “end the weekend” by promoting legislation surrounding electric vehicles and cited range concerns for the battery.

Mr Joyce said Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese had “not presented any policy on how he would achieve what he wants”, especially concerning climate change, and the government had.

“We have a policy that has been developed and planned diligently over, I imagine, an incredibly long period of time by the leader of the leader of the Liberal Party, the prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia,” he said.

“We have a process of analysis which is now being conducted by myself and the Nationals, and we have a complete and utter void on the other side.”

Extracted from Sky News

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