Gatton man Christopher William Thornbury in Gatton Magistrates Court

Failing to pay for petrol has cost a man nearly 30 times more than it should have after the matter ended up in court.

Forgetting to pay for petrol despite receiving a text from the police has cost a Gatton man more 30 times more than what it should have.

Christopher William Thornbury made no effort to contact Puma Energy and pay for $11 of stolen fuel, instead blaming his wife for the stuff up, a court heard.

Thornbury, 46, and his wife attended the Puma Energy petrol station at Ipswich West on April 29 and pumped 9.04 litres of unleaded petrol.

While filling the car, Thornbury’s wife entered the station and purchased food from Hungry Jacks.

The duo then left without paying for the petrol.

Police prosecutor Narelle Lowe told the court police used CCTV footage to identify the Thornbury.

Police spoke with him on June 7, where Thornbury said he believed his wife paid for the fuel when she got her Hungry Jacks.

“(Thornbury) only became aware the fuel had not been paid for a few days later when he received a text message from the police,” Sergeant Lowe said.

“Since receiving the text message, the defendant has made no attempt to contact the station to pay for the fuel or set up a payment plan.”

Thornbury, 46, represented himself in court and said he “had a lot going on that day”.

“I thought my wife had paid for the fuel when she went to get Hungry Jacks,” he said.

“It was just slack and miscommunication.”

Magistrate Kay Ryan noted the unemployed Gatton man didn’t have a history of dishonesty.

Thornbury pleaded guilty to unauthorised dealings with shop goods up to $150.

He was fined $350 and restitution of $11 was ordered.

Extracted from The Courier Mail

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