Famous Fuel Company Brand Returning to South Australian Service Stations

The rebranding of Ampol from Caltex has begun in Adelaide, signalling a return after a 25-year absence of the company founded in Australia in 1937.

The first new Ampol was revealed in Holden Hill, the change in name forced by US oil company Chevron terminating the licensing agreement allowing the use of the Caltex name.

Around 1900 Caltex sites in Australia will become Ampol, 170 in SA.

Ampol executive general manger, retail Joanne Taylor, said modern logo branding would make the new Ampol look different to the Ampol of yesteryear, but the company’s values remained the same.

“Ampol remains a proud Australian company and customers can expect the same great customer service and high-quality products when they step into Ampol stores,’’ she said.

Ampol first began in Adelaide in 1946, the acronym standing for the Australian Motorists Petrol Company.

“We know all our customers are excited by Ampol’s return and we look forward to welcoming South Australians back onto Ampol forecourts as we roll out the new brand across the state,” Ms Taylor said.

Ampol gained a strong following in Australia during the 1980s with advertisements appealing to the national spirit, featuring outback and road trip scenes as a backdrop to the jingle “I’m as Australian as Ampol”.

The Ampol name was phased out in Australia after a merger with Caltex in 1995, but market research showed it still had strong recognition in the country, so was chosen when the Chevron switch was inevitable.

The new Holden Hill Ampol, which sees the brand back in South Australia for the first time in 25 years, combines Ampol’s shop format Foodary, with its new Amplify premium fuels to provide a one-stop shop.
But the Caltex name will also survive, with Chevron speculating new outlets may be on the way to Australia.
While the Ampol move will not increase competition, the opening of new Caltex sites would, pleasing the motoring community which argues it is the key to lower Adelaide fuel prices.
The opening of Ampol Holden Hill marks the beginning of a statewide roll out, which will see more than 170 sites rebranded over the next two years, and 1,900 across the entire country, with the project to complete at the end of 2022.
Business manager Marc Dahdah said customer service would be a priority at the Holden Hill site.
“Ampol is an iconic Australian brand and we’re really excited to be part of its revitalisation in Adelaide.
“The Holden Hill site brings the local community the best of what Ampol is known for – great customer service, trusted and high quality products and a commitment to playing a positive role in local economies and communities.”

extracted from Adelaide Now

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