Ex-Tritium execs raise funds for new EV charging tech

The electric vehicle market is really charging.

Two former Tritium executives have scored $1.7 million to commercialise and begin manufacturing their home and fleet chargers sold via their company EVOS.

The business has brought on Brisbane-based manufacturer Autostrada as an investors, as well as an unnamed ASX-100 company.

EVOS’ chargers are already manufactured by a subsidiary of Autostrada, Circuit Solutions, which powers its operations completely by solar.

Co-founded by Marcelo Salgado, Seshan Weeratunga and Chris Crossman, all three entrepreneurs previously worked for EV fast-charging technology company Tritium -the world’s second biggest fast-charging business, which was born in a Brisbane backyard and is now headed for a $2 billion NASDAQ listing via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

EVOS has also created an energy management software system, which is designed to save users money by utilising data to reduce the cost of energy and improve the use of energy, plus verify key data for automatic charger authentication, without the need for third party authentication software.

“When a driver went to a charger, they might have to download a specific app simply to be invoiced. And from a fleet perspective the hassle and time it can take to manage multiple accounts for its fleet was a significant hindrance to EV rollouts,” Weeratunga said.

Extracted from AFR

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