Energy Myths and Misconceptions: busted!

ServoPro’s energy partner Make it Cheaper helps Aussie businesses to save time and money, finding bill savings for 79%^ of small and medium businesses who review their energy plan, and average annual savings of $2,198* for ServoPro members.

So why don’t more businesses make the switch? In most cases it’s because people have misconceptions about their energy deal and switching. Here are five common myths which we hear from ServoPro members, debunked and busted.

1. It’s too complicated – Make it Cheaper compares pricing from up to 12 retailers on our panel, and a switch made over the phone takes around 15 minutes.

2. I don’t want my power supply disrupted, or to receive low-grade power – power is supplied to your premises by the local distributor, and that won’t change. Your new retailer will simply send the bills, with their rates and discounts.

3. My current deal cannot be beaten – you might receive a large percentage discount on standard rates, but it still may not be the best deal for your needs. You should also factor in supply charge (the flat rate you pay everyday) and peak and shoulder rates.

4. I will be forced to switch – there’s no obligation to switch. You always have the final say and if we can’t find you’re a better rate you have the peace of mind of being on a good deal.

5. I’m locked into my contract – many small and medium business energy contracts do not have exit fees, so you’re free to shop around.

It’s always a good idea to shop around, so let us do it for you with our free energy comparison service.

Click here to get started, or speak to one of our Aussie based energy advisers on 02 9099 3042.

^ Based on bill analysis of Make it Cheaper customers between 01/01/20-30/06/20, Make it Cheaper found savings for 4 out of 5 customers.
*Based on ServoPro members (SME/mass market) who found savings with Make it Cheaper and switched – August 2018 to October 2020
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