EG servo worker reveals how to get 13 cents off per litre of fuel

After a Woolies shopper shared her hack in saving on groceries and petrol, a staffer revealed how you can save even more on your fuel.

A petrol station employee has revealed how Woolies customers can save 13 cents per litre in one transaction when filling up at their local EG servo.

It came about when a mum took to Facebook explaining how she managed to nab two cartons of milk for free, after getting eight cents off her fuel.

“At the risk of sharing this and having Woolies change it … I’m sharing it anyway lol,” the mum began her post.

“My favourite (probably only) mum hack. Step 1: Fuel the entire car at Woolies servo.

“Step 2: Buy 2x milks (usually $3 each but 2 for $5).

“NOTE: The price AFTER 4 litres of milk is cheaper than BEFORE the purchase.”

She got four cents off her fuel for spending $5 at the servo and another four cents off for using her Woolies fuel e-voucher.

You can get the e-voucher when you spend $30 or more at your local Woolworths store.

How to get 13 cents off per litre

And while she was stoked at her “little win for the day”, a staffer who works at EG (the co-branded Woolies servos), pointed out how you can save a total of 13 cents off your fuel.

“I work at EG, it’s not changing anytime soon,” the staffer responded to the woman.

“You spend $5 in-store and get an extra 4 cents a litre off (doesn’t have to be milk lol).”

The employee then added that if you download the EG fuel app you’ll get an extra five cents per litre off.

“So, scan your rewards card, spend $5 in-store, scan the EG app and you’ll save 13 cents a litre.”


Just to break that down even further, this is how it works.

You take your Woolies receipt to the servo with you, which gives you four cents off a litre (after spending $30 in store). And that, together with spending $5 at the petrol station, will give you another four cents off. Then, once you have download the EG app, go to the ‘rewards’ tab and there you will find another five cent voucher.

You have 15 minutes to use the app voucher from the time you activate it. And the good news is, you can use it two more times after that.

So, by redeeming all three of those offers, you can save a total of 13 cents off per litre.

However, the app offer is only available at select EG and Caltex-Woolworths locations.

Other Facebook users pointed out that Coles also offers a similar deal on petrol.

“At Coles servos if you spend $20 in store you get 10c-a-litre off & then with the 4c-a-litre from shopping in Coles you end up getting 14c-a-litre off so 14c x 150 litres = $21 so we get free toilet paper or free packs of water bottles,” one woman commented.

“I do this all the time. Works out to free milk,” another person added, responding to the mum’s post.

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