Drive Off Alert FAQs – What percentage decrease will I see in drive offs at my site?

Fuel theft or ‘Drive off alert faqs’ costs our industry millions of dollars every year. At ServoPro we are on a mission to reduce Drive Offs through our partnership with Drive Off Alert.

When looking at the Drive Off Alert solution, fuel retailers often ask…

I’m getting about 10 drive-offs a week. What is the average reduction in drive-offs I will see using the Drive Off Alert system?

The system flags all plates in your incident history. It’s a good deterrent to start with, denying repeat offenders another go. Overall, the feedback we get is that there is a 50% – 70% reduction after 90 days of use and will improve as more and more offenders notice that a system is in place to deal with them. 

One large multi-site operator recently gave us their number plate records of drive-offs committed at all of their Victoria sites. We ran these records against our repeat offenders database and matched 75% of their drive-offs. If they had been using our system during this period our system would have reduced their drive-offs by 75%.

Once these offenders know that a deterrent system is in place they are much less likely to try and commit a drive off at your site. If someone genuinely forgot to pay, in most cases they try to settle the debt as long as you have a system to remind them not just in one store but via our network of service stations using the Drive Off Alert system.

If you would like more information on Drive off alert faqs and how we can reduce your Drive Off’s by up to 70%, contact Dan Armes at ServoPro on 0490 415 063 or [email protected]

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