7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brand of Coffee for your Servo

Nobody wants to gain the reputation of being the petrol station with notoriously bad coffee. When it comes to products offered at your service station, coffee is one of the most important and best selling options. Taking that into consideration, here are 7 key things to consider when choosing a brand of coffee to provide for your customers.

1. Quality of Product

Before anything else, you should be concerned with the quality of the coffee you are purchasing. Bad coffee has the potential to ruin a day and will hurt overall sales of coffee from your petrol station, not to mention earn your petrol station a reputation for serving poor quality products. We know that many of our members partner with Global Beverage Solutions for their coffee needs. GBS now carries LaZumba, a brand recognized globally for their commitment to quality coffee and beans.

2. Consistency of Flavour

Consistency is an important aspect of quality coffee. Customers want to know that they can expect a great cup of coffee each time they visit your petrol station. This promise is what will keep them coming back. If your coffee tastes great one day, but bitter and unpalatable the next, customers will begin to notice. Look for brands that offer full bodied espresso blends that are smooth, but bold enough to cut through milk with ease.

3. Brand Reputation

People love to recognise what they’re buying, as it allows them to know exactly what to expect before they even make their purchase. For this reason, brand recognition is important to consider when you’re deciding what will sell well in your service station. A brand like LaZumba is globally recognized for their roasting, and people will be able to trust that they’re getting a quality cup of coffee before they ever even pay.

4. Ease of Supply

Breaks in supply chains can leave you in a world of trouble. If you source your coffee from a brand that often has gaps in production, you may be left without anything to serve your customers. If a customer cannot count on your business to have coffee in ready supply, there’s a good chance they will take their business elsewhere. When deciding on a brand, confirm that your supplier is guaranteed to have consistent stock.

5. Broad Appeal

When choosing a brand of coffee, it’s important to take into consideration whether or not they sell beans which will have general appeal to your customers. Very dark or very light roasts may appeal to select demographics but can be off putting to a large portion of your customer base. LaZumba offers a fantastic selection of medium roast coffees, such as their Superior roast, which won the bronze medal in Class 1 Espresso Blends at the 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

6. How Often Is It Roasted

To ensure that you are providing a quality product to your customer base, you should ensure that the brand you choose has a consistent roasting schedule. Not only will this prevent gaps in stock and supply, but it will also prevent you from serving out of date coffee, and improve the flavour of your product.

7. Variety Offered

If you’d like to change the roast of your coffee or maintain a rotating schedule of availability, then variety may be important to you when choosing a brand. Some brands may offer very limited options, while others may have more to choose from. If you’d like to provide decaf options for customers, you should ensure that a brand has quality decaf coffee before making your choice. Knowing what you have in mind for your petrol station before choosing to partner with a brand will guarantee that you have access to exactly what you want.

When choosing the right brand of coffee to provide for your customers, quality and consistency are key. Brands like LaZumba provide both, as well as excellent variety, consistent roasting, and a name you and your customers can trust. Learn more about the LaZumba brand here!

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