Why Your Petrol Station Needs Great HR Policies

There are many tasks that come along with owning your own petrol station. Among these tasks is ensuring that you have all the documentation you need to protect yourself and your employees.

One of the largest pieces of documentation your business should retain is a comprehensive HR Policy and Procedure guide that is made available to your entire team. While developing such a guide may seem like a daunting task, it is critical for a wide variety of reasons. From employee satisfaction to legal protection, a great HR guide will help you and your petrol station continue to succeed.

Maintain Consistency
As a business owner, it is important to ensure that all employees are provided with consistent training and policies to follow while on the job. Without a fully developed HR Policy, each employee you hire may receive different, incomplete, or even incorrect information. This can lead to significant disruption, confusion, and conflict later on down the line.

In order to maintain consistency across your entire team, it’s critical to keep and develop documents that contain comprehensive coverage of all petrol station policies, training procedures, safety guidelines, and worker’s rights and benefits.

Avoid Legal Disputes
Many employers at a small business feel they can trust their employees, and may have even created an environment that feels like family. However, it is hard to predict what will happen in any working environment. Therefore, having a complete guide of HR policies, laws, and procedures will help protect you and your staff in the event of a legal dispute.

Many of the procedures outlined in a good HR guide are implemented to protect your petrol station from legal action. However, they are also used to protect worker’s rights. Without a document stating your business’s procedures, your service station may be vulnerable to legal disputes.

Increase Employee Satisfaction
Employees perform their best when they know what is expected of them. Making an HR Policy and Procedure guide available to all staff at your petrol station will allow them to quickly familiarize themselves with company policy. Staff will know what is expected of them, reducing their stress surrounding what could have been gray areas in company policy.

Furthermore, employees will have a solid understanding of protocol surrounding time off, pay, sick leave, and more. Providing each member of your team with a resource as reference, and sticking to the policies detailed in the copy will enable your workers to feel confident in what to expect from their job in every situation.

Enhance Safety
Most businesses’ HR Guides carefully outline the safety procedures at their site. This procedural guide is especially important at a business such as a service station. Employees at petrol stations must be thoroughly trained and informed on safety procedures as they relate to your business.

From handling fuel and flammable material, to understanding how to navigate an array of emergencies, a proper HR policy template will allow you to feel confident that all your workers know what to do in order to ensure safety each time they come to work.

ServoPro Can Help

If your petrol station is in need of a comprehensive HR policy guide, it can be hard to know where to start. Developing your own guide can take time you may not have as a busy small business owner. ServoPro is making it easier for you to protect your business by offering our members a large array of HR and Safety templates. All templates are readily available for use, and are viewable in your member portal. Get started today!

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