Why your Petrol Station needs a Facebook Business Page

Most people know petrol stations as places on the side of the road where drivers can fill up their car with fuel and maybe buy a snack along the way.

While these establishments are not hard to find, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also receive more exposure online.

In this article we will break down why your petrol station would greatly benefit from a Facebook business page.

Make Your Business Easier to Understand

Advertising a petrol station does not have to be difficult, and a Facebook business page can give customers important information in real time. This could include operating hours, attendance policies, and even special offers and promotions.

Whereas website visitors may not find this information right away, Facebook already has the included benefit of implementing a highly accessible format that users can easily navigate.

This user interface is especially beneficial for bringing in more customers who often use Facebook on their mobile phones and don’t have much time to search through a company website.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Facebook is already a platform with billions of users, so bringing at least some of those users to your page shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with word-of-mouth marketing on your side.

Since Facebook has made sharing content with other users incredibly easy, it also allows business pages to implement other marketing strategies, such as contests and cross-promotion, that will likely convince users to share this content.

For instance, a user may know someone who is taking a road trip and your petrol station is on their way. Sharing your business page and letting other users know more about what your business offers can almost certainly help you attract more customers.

Not only is this form of marketing effective but it is also cost-efficient, thanks in part to Facebook’s excellent advertising and analytics tools.

Communicate Effectively

Facebook allows users to send personal messages to a business page via Messenger, but did you know that the platform gives business owners other opportunities to listen to their customers and figure out how they can improve their business?

One of these methods is pinning a post so that it’s the first thing users see when they click on this page. Maybe this post can function as a discussion forum asking users to comment on how your petrol station can better their services. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like help setting up a Facebook page for your petrol station, contact us.

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