Why You Should Get Your Petrol Station Professionally Cleaned

The appearance and cleanliness of any business should never become a low priority, and your petrol station is no exception. Gone are the days of petrol stations serving as little more than small auto part shops and refueling stations. Today’s service stations are all around convenience destinations, stocked with fresh food, coffee, and amenities. Your customers expect and deserve a clean shopping environment, both inside your shop and on your forecourt.

Of course, maintaining high levels of cleanliness isn’t always easy- and it’s almost impossible to do alone. To lend a hand in those hard to reach spots, and help explain the difference a truly clean service station makes in customer satisfaction, we’ve partnered with Hard Surface Cleaners, an Australian owned business offering high pressure and soft washing cleaning services nationwide. From customer satisfaction to health codes, here are a few reasons to keep your petrol station as clean as possible, and how HSC can help.

First Impressions Matter

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and as soon as a customer pulls onto your forecourt they begin making their judgements as to the overall quality of your petrol station. If the first thing they register is a dirty shop front, they’re likely to assume poor quality of the products inside your shop as well. If the bowsers and driveway look dirty, it’s easy for them to begin to wonder what state your tanks must be in. Chances are, customers who drive away assuming your petrol station is poorly maintained and unclean are not likely to return.

Overall, the cleanliness of your petrol station speaks to the quality of your business, and customers immediately take notice. Hard Surface Cleaners can help keep your storefront, forecourt, driveways, and more in pristine condition. From canopy cleaning and pressure washing, to detail cleaning your petrol station windows, HSC helps to make sure your first impression is a good one, every time.

Health Hazards

Not only can an unkept petrol station be aesthetically off-putting, but neglecting deep cleaning can result in fuel and chemical build up. While these build ups may happen slowly, they can inevitably become health hazards for both your customers and your staff. Additionally, failure to regularly clean and wipe down equipment can make your petrol station a risk in spreading germs and illness. While this is always important to keep in mind, customer awareness of this issue has grown tremendously in the last year in light of the pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, customers want to be able to support small businesses, but they need to feel safe doing so. Protecting your employees and your customer base should always be a top priority, as the effort you put in not only keeps people safe, but reflects positively on your petrol station as a whole. Hiring a team to assist in regular deep cleans of all your petrol station’s surfaces can help your business be a safe place for those in your community to both work and patronise.

HSC offers sanitising and disinfecting services, using electrostatic technology to apply registered, non-toxic disinfectant to surfaces, allowing your customers to feel safe, and you to feel confident as a business owner.

Improve Morale, Increase Productivity

Nobody wants to work somewhere that feels unkempt and dirty. While employees can do many daily cleaning tasks, it’s impossible and irresponsible to expect staff to be able to cover the full scope of deep cleaning required by your petrol station. Employees spending large amounts of time in your petrol station should be provided with a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. Doing so sends the message that your staff is highly valued and respected, and shows that you are making an effort as the business owner to maximize the comfort and quality of the workplace.

This attention to maintaining a clean environment for your employees can boost employee morale, and therefore increase employee productivity, making it a win-win for business owners and workers alike.

Hard Surface Cleaners Can Help

The cleanliness of your workplace is one of the first things noticed by both employees and customers. When people see that you care about the overall presentation of your business, they’re more likely to assume good quality products and return to your petrol station again and again. In today’s world, a deep clean can make the difference between a one-time stop, and a repeat customer. Furthermore, workers who are provided with a clean, safe work environment are more likely to report increased workplace satisfaction.

Of course, making sure your petrol station’s cleanliness is maintained to the highest standards is almost impossible to do without help. HSC has the tools and skills needed to clean even the hardest to remove stains, and toughest to reach areas. From oil stains and chewing gum, to clearing cobwebs from your canopy, HSC ensures that surfaces are disinfected and safe for employee and customer use, and leaves your petrol station looking like new.

ServoPro members are able to access the services of HSC at a special rate. For more information call Dan Armes on 0490 415 063 or email [email protected]

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