Why Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaners at Your Petrol Station Matters

As we move forward in this industry, it’s important for petrol station owners to do their part in making sure that their petrol station is causing the least environmental impact possible. We’ve previously discussed the importance of making underground environmental checks for potential sources of contamination, but what’s going on above the surface of your service station is as important as what’s happening below.

Your petrol station should be subject to regular superficial and deep cleaning for both maintenance and appearance. Because frequent cleaning is part of best operational practice, implementing environmentally safe and friendly cleaning solutions at your petrol station can make a big difference. From adhering to EPA guidelines to giving your customers peace of mind, your choices make a big difference.

We talked to our partners at Hard Surface Cleaners (HSC), for expert insight into how and why utilising environmentally friendly cleaning solutions is beneficial to the overall operation of your petrol station.

EPA Friendly

Too much attention from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is rarely a good thing, and is not something any petrol station operator wants. Some cleaners can be harsh, and do harm to air and local waterways. Choosing environmentally friendly cleaners will help you remain confident that your service station is well within environmental safety guidelines.

Improve Brand Trust & Customer Safety

With climate and sustainability at the forefront of many customer’s minds, utilising environmentally friendly cleaners means giving your clientele the peace of mind in their choice to visit your petrol station. Environmentally conscious cleaning practices give your business a reputation as a trustworthy brand, committed to doing no harm to our planet. When customers feel that their priorities align with that of your business, brand trust grows making your petrol station a top choice, even over others in their area.

Natural and non toxic cleaning products are also guaranteed to keep contractors, customers, and employees safe, as their use reduces exposure to potentially toxic or harmful chemicals in conventional cleaning solutions.

Gentle and Multi Purpose

Another notable benefit of using environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning products is that they are less likely to cause damage to your petrol station. Natural cleaners are less harsh and corrosive than their counterparts, and therefore are far less likely to take a toll on surfaces such as paint and other textured surfaces. They are generally less abrasive as well, which means they are well suited to cleaning a wider variety of surfaces.

HSC has noticed this benefit through their use of one such environmentally conscious cleaner called Sierra Citrus 6000. Citrus 600 is an all purpose citrus based cleaner and degreaser specifically formulated to meet increasing demands for an environmentally responsible alternative to harsh traditional solvents.

Due to Citrus 6000’s gentle but effective cleaning capabilities, HSC has had great success in use for everything from concrete around diesel bowers to mould and mildew on canopies. Sierra Citrus 6000 has a broad functionality that will not harm or degrade your petrol station’s equipment through time.

Choose The Right Cleaning Company

Choosing the right company is critical to ensure that you meet your petrol station’s environmental standards while achieving a comprehensive clean. Some companies’ exclusive use of harsh, toxic cleaners and solutions make them a poor choice for owners looking to minimise the environmental impact of their business. HSC prioritises both the best clean possible and products that leave little harmful impact on both your petrol station and the environment.

HSC offers high pressure and soft washing cleaning services to customers nationwide. Reach out today to learn more about how HSC can help both keep your forecourt and storefront looking clean, all while reducing your station’s environmental footprint.

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