Viva Energy’s Renewable Diesel Partnership with Cleanaway

In a groundbreaking collaboration to spearhead emission reduction efforts, Viva Energy has proudly unveiled its latest initiative: the launch of 100% Renewable Diesel in conjunction with Cleanaway, a premier waste management company. This innovative venture marks a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, as both entities embark on a six-month demonstration period poised to revolutionise emission mitigation strategies.

Cleanaway, a trailblazer in waste management solutions, is set to operate two waste collection trucks as part of this pioneering project. These trucks, including a municipal side-lift service in the City of Casey and a front-lift organics collection service, serve as tangible manifestations of the commitment towards curbing emissions at the grassroots level.

At its core, this initiative presents a golden opportunity for councils and businesses alike to actively reduce emissions, thereby mitigating their Scope 3 emissions footprint. At the heart of this endeavour lies the Renewable Diesel supplied by Viva Energy—a game-changing variant known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). Derived from waste feedstocks such as used cooking oil, HVO boasts the remarkable ability to slash greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by a staggering 90%.

The advent of Renewable Diesel not only underscores Viva Energy’s unwavering commitment to facilitating emissions reduction but also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional diesel. Bolstered by a team of product quality experts, Viva Energy is at the forefront of collaborating with governmental bodies to establish a robust national fuel standard for Renewable Diesel—an endeavour that promises to set new benchmarks in environmental stewardship.

Through meticulous planning and leveraging its expertise in product quality, supply, and logistics, the Viva Energy Carbon Solutions team has devised a bespoke supply chain for this demonstration. This supply chain, powered entirely by 100% Renewable Diesel sourced from Neste’s Singapore operations, epitomises a seamless fusion of innovation and sustainability.

Lachlan Pfeiffer, Chief Business Development and Sustainability Officer at Viva Energy, expressed his enthusiasm for this transformative collaboration, emphasising its potential to catalyse emissions abatement across various sectors. “We are delighted to partner with Cleanaway as our first customer to utilise Renewable Diesel,” remarked Pfeiffer, highlighting the far-reaching implications of this endeavour in driving emissions reduction within the transport sector and beyond.

Renewable Diesel emerges as a ‘drop-in’ solution, obviating the need for extensive equipment or infrastructure investments. Its versatility extends to blending with regular diesel at varying ratios, offering companies a tailored approach to achieving their decarbonisation objectives. As Pfeiffer aptly noted, the cumulative impact of these emissions savings holds the promise of effecting tangible change in on-road transport emissions within Australia.

Moreover, Viva Energy’s commitment to emissions reduction extends beyond this groundbreaking partnership, as evidenced by its forthcoming venture—a hydrogen refuelling facility slated to commence operations in Geelong later this year. This facility, spearheaded by Cleanaway, heralds a new era of sustainability, with hydrogen-powered waste collection vehicles set to ply the streets of Greater Geelong, further bolstering emission mitigation efforts.

Mark Schubert, Managing Director and CEO of Cleanaway underscored the transformative potential of this initiative, affirming the company’s steadfast commitment to pioneering innovative solutions aligned with federal emissions targets. “The use of HVO100 in Cleanaway trucks is part of our Blueprint 2030 strategy,” stated Schubert, encapsulating the symbiotic relationship between innovation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.

In essence, the partnership between Viva Energy and Cleanaway exemplifies a paradigm shift towards sustainable practices, setting a precedent for collaborative action in combatting climate change. As both entities forge ahead, guided by a shared vision of environmental stewardship, the ripple effects of this endeavour are poised to resonate far and wide, ushering in a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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