Viva Energy Enhances Victoria’s Fuel Supply with Geelong Refinery Tanks

Victoria’s fuel stability has been enhanced as the Viva Energy Geelong refinery celebrates a key achievement. The development of three new 30-metre-tall tanks is nearing completion. These tanks, when combined, will hold up to 90 million litres of diesel, covering about a week’s worth of diesel needs for Victoria.

Viva Energy reports that each tank is made from 600 tonnes of premium plate steel and has been constructed by Brockman Engineering, a local Geelong company, using BlueScope steel produced in the area.

At the height of construction, up to 140 skilled workers have been actively involved in this project. Approximately four kilometres of pipes are being installed to transport diesel to these tanks efficiently.

The company expressed its dedication to Australia’s fuel security and the reliable future of diesel supply in Victoria in a statement, saying, “We are excited to be a key player in this project and will continue to keep you informed about our ongoing progress.”

The project experienced a setback of three months due to a maintenance incident in June, where a contractor’s crane fell at the site, necessitating repair works.

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