Two stray pigs wander into petrol station at Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast

DID you ever hear the one about the two pigs that walked into the petrol station? We promise we’re not telling porkies!

A couple of unlikely visitors stopped in to a northern Gold Coast petrol station this morning with staff baffled as to how they got there.

The two stray pigs strolled into the main forecourt of the Caltex petrol station at Upper Coomera about 2.30am and proceeded to make themselves at home getting snaps with customers and digging holes in the garden bed.

Owner Trent Bunn said staff have “no idea” how the pigs ended up at his petrol station.

“We really have no clue. There are no farms nearby,” Mr Bunn said.

“They have been pretty good. They’re really friendly pigs and customers loving it. Everyone keeps coming up and taking photos with them.”

Mr Bunn said the pigs were originally loitering around the petrol station pumps before deciding to take a rest in the garden bed after their big night out on the town.

“I’ve been feeding them sandwiches and giving them water,” he said.

“Other than that they have been sleeping most the morning.”

He said he has notified council about the cons-pig-uous guests and an officer is expected to come collect the pigs later this morning.


UPDATE: The owner of the pigs has been notified and has since come to collect the animals.

“They busted out through the night,” he said.

“We only live about 800m away so they didn’t get very far.”


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