Top 5 Reasons Petrol Station Owners Love Beacon POS

One of the most important things every petrol station owner should consider when making operational decisions is investing in a good POS system. A good POS system will not only help to provide your customers with seamless customer service transactions, but also provides an array of features to help your service station expand as your business grows and accommodates new functions and services.

Beacon POS systems provide our members with an intuitive and customisable interface, as well as a consistently updated list of new and innovative features to help maximize your petrol station’s operational efficiency. It comes as no surprise that Beacon is consistently recommended as one of the best POS systems available to petrol stations. Here are five reasons to install a Beacon POS system in your service station today.

1. Unparalleled Support
Having a POS that offers the features you want is one thing- ensuring that it is online and working at all times is another. If you do run into an issue, being able to speak to a professional in real time to troubleshoot and resolve your problem is paramount. Beacon POS systems offer 24/7 POS down support to all of their customers. 2pm or 2am, Beacon is there to help your system get back up and running, ensuring no business is lost to technical errors. Back office support is available daily from 8am to 8pm AEST.

2. Intuitive and Easy To Use
Complicated and frustrating POS software can create far more problems than it solves. Beacon POS systems meet all of your petrol station’s needs, while remaining incredibly intuitive and customisable. Colour coordinate items on your home screen, or create folders to store different products. Beacon POS systems utilise Megalink 4 to transfer data smoothly and directly from your service station’s POS to your back and head offices. Avoid wasting time deciphering a complicated system with Beacon’s user friendly interface and dedicated customer service.

3. Constant Software Innovation
The fuel industry is always evolving, and Beacon is committed to evolving with it. Beacon is constantly creating new ways to help their POS keep pace with demand of what service stations have to offer. Not only do they excel through your business’s daily demands, but they’ve even evolved to offer compatibility with UBER eats. As more and more petrol stations expand to offering café services, Beacon developed Kitchen Video displays to help them run more efficiently, even creating software that accommodates drive through functionality.

Constant updates and real time developments allow Beacon to provide your service station what you need, when you need it, always with consideration to customer feedback.

4. Uninterrupted Installation
Installing a brand new POS System can easily be overwhelming, especially if the new interface marks a big departure from previous software. Upon installing a Beacon System, you are automatically provided on-site support and training for up to 4 days. Beacon will also assist business owners in transferring of important information, reducing employee stress, and making your next POS upgrade something to truly look forward to.

5. Built with The Fuel Industry in Mind
Not all POS Systems are built with consideration to the demands of running a fuel business. Beacon is different. Rather than operating as a typical retail POS system with a ‘fuel module’ add-on, integral service station functions are fully integrated into the system. Industry demands such as tank reconciliations and pump/meter readings are fully built into Beacon’s POS system. Fuel margins can be tight. With integrated software in a system built with your business in mind, you can rest assured that every milliliter is accounted for.

Grow Your Business with a Beacon POS System
If you’re looking for a POS system that will help maximise your petrol station’s efficiency while offering intuitive software, seamless installation, and unparalleled customer support, Beacon is the industry’s gold standard. Built with your petrol station in mind, they are outperforming the competition with fully integrated software and an ever-evolving range of features and innovations. Install a Beacon system today, and see how the industry’s top POS system can help take your business to the next level.

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