Three masked men storm Heritage Park 7/11 firing shots

Police are looking for three men who stormed a 7/11 servo south of Brisbane overnight, with witnesses saying shots were fired.

At 7.10pm Wednesday night Police were called to an armed robbery at a Logan service station.

Police have confirmed three men wearing black hoods and masks stormed the Heritage Park 7/11 and were armed.

The offenders produced what appeared to be fire arms and demanded money.

The 33 year old man behind the counter retreated to the back room with fears for his safety, while one of the armed men jumped the counter and took the till.

Witnesses have come forward and said shots were fired at the 7/11 armed robbery.

A Logan father and son duo, described as ‘brave’ for their actions, were also at the service station when it was under attack.

According to the witness, the Logan dad was punched trying to protect the 7/11 and the till.

“They shot a BB gun to try and scare them but they didn’t care as they will always help anyone in need,” the witness said.

They took shots at them and when they knew they weren’t hurt they went for it.

“He even got in his car and tried to chase them down the street. But he lost them.”

The Logan father and son have told police what they saw.

Logan Police are still investigating and looking for the three armed offenders.


Extracted from The Courier Mail

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