Thieves steal $8000 to $11,000 worth of tobacco from United Petroleum in Noonamah

THIEVES have smashed their way into a popular Stuart Hwy servo before stealing an estimated $8000 to $11,000 worth of tobacco products early on Tuesday morning.

The incident marks the second time this year the small business has been targeted by the criminals.

United Petroleum Noonamah owner Ram Kolan woke up about 1am on Tuesday and began the clean-up process, sweeping up $3000 worth of glass and ordering more to secure the business.

CCTV footage shows the service station being broken into by a group of people who appear to be male.

“There were a bunch of people, three people came in and started hitting hard at the front window, six or seven times and then the glass broke,” Mr Kolan said.

“Then it took five or six punches and the Crimsafe came off.”

At first when Mr Kolan received the early morning call from security, he thought it was just insects setting off the alarms like they routinely do but instead he decided to send security out “just to make sure”.

“But then I had a strong feeling, so I told security to send the guards,” he said.

The footage shows one person keeping watch at the door and two people bashing into the lockup cabinet where tobacco products are stored.


Extracted from NT News

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