The Top 8 Essential Cleaning Equipment For Your Petrol Station

Keeping your petrol station clean is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and brand reputation. However, this necessary upkeep can be almost impossible if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

We’ve paired up with our friends as Hard Surface Cleaners for some expert insight into the most important products that all petrol station owners should have on hand.

1. All Purpose Disinfectant
While it’s always been crucial to regularly disinfect surfaces, this need has been emphasised in the last year as businesses adapt to combat the spread of COVID-19. Use these cleaners to wipe down common touch points or highly trafficked surfaces such as door handles, fuel pumps, light switches, countertops and more. Make sure that your cleaner has both disinfectant and antibacterial properties to get the best payoff possible.

2. Toilet Cleaner
While no one likes cleaning the toilet, customers will immediately notice and be put off by a neglected restroom at your petrol station. Make bathrooms a daily, or twice daily cleaning stop for your staff. A good bathroom cleaner will contain anti-soap scum and disinfectant power, as well as leave your toilets looking great.

3. Anti-Streak Glass Cleaning Solution
Keeping windows and mirrors clean is a must to maintain your petrol station’s shop front appearance. While cleaning glass regularly is important, it’s also crucial to ensure you are using a cleaner that is specially formulated for glass surfaces. This helps to prevent streaking, and leaves you with a clear, clean finish.

While many petrol stations can maintain daily glass cleaning of doors and mirrors, it can be hard to reach the tops of storefront windows on your own. HSC can help. The HSC team is prepared with the right equipment and cleaning solutions to leave windows sparkling without the headache.

4. Degreaser
Between shoes, fuel, and daily wear and tear, your floors and forecourt can get greasy fast. The more build up, the more slippery the surface may become and this can lead to accidents for both staff and customers. Ensuring you have a great degreaser on hand will help prevent this build up and ensure all parties are safe. Heavier detergents may be necessary to achieve the desired effect.

If you’re having troubles removing stubborn grease or oil stains from concrete or other areas of your forecourt, HSC can help. While standard cleaners may resolve some of the mess, HSC has the right tools to ensure all foot traffic areas are clean and clear of stains and build up.

5. Stainless Steel Polish
From stainless steel doors to outdoor surfaces, stainless steel looks great when clean, but can easily accumulate fingerprints and smudging. Adding an appropriate stainless steel polish to your cleaning arsenal can keep surfaces shining. Be sure to choose a cleaner that is specially formulated for stainless steel, as some other formulations may be corrosive or harm the finish of the metal.

6. Oven or Grill Cleaner
Today’s service stations are more than just convenience stores. If your business has incorporated food service as part of your daily offerings, having the correct products to maintain your oven, grill or other cooking equipment is essential. Cleaners for this purpose should be efficient at degreasing and removing food build up, while leaving the surface safe for use with food.

7. All Purpose Outdoor Cleaner
Petrol stations are unique businesses due to their outdoor customer service zone being equally, if not more highly trafficked than their indoor area. For this reason, it is essential that service station owners maintain a good arsenal of outdoor cleaners. The best tools for this job will tackle everything from vinyl awnings to canopies and fascias.

HSC knows that it can be difficult to integrate regular canopy cleanings into your employee’s daily routine. HSC’s team can ensure your outdoor surfaces are clean and clear of debris and build up. They use environmentally safe cleaners that are compatible with all outdoor surfaces, and specially formulated to give your business the best clean possible.

8. Hand Sanitiser
While not necessarily a cleaning product, it’s worth mentioning what may have become the most popular sanitary product of the last decade. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers value businesses that value their health. Offering hand sanitiser to customers at your POS or pumps helps them know that you care about keeping them safe, and that you prioritise the cleanliness of your service station. Make sure to keep hand sanitiser stations well-stocked, and use a formula with at least 70% ethyl alcohol.

Hard to reach spaces? Hard Surface Cleaners can help.
While petrol station owners can complete many daily cleaning and maintenance tasks with the right set of tools, some spaces are just too hard to reach on your own. When this happens, HSC can help. Their highly qualified team is committed to ensuring your service station looks its best.

From comprehensive disinfecting, to sparkling windows, and stain free forecourts, HSC utilises top of the line formulations and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to leave your petrol station spotless. If you need help with a hard to reach area, reach out today!

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