South Australian Fuel Retailers Frustrated Over Unclear and Unfair Lockdown Rules

South Australian petrol station operators have been left confused and frustrated by the lack of detail on restrictions placed on petrol stations during the 6 day lockdown commencing on the 19th of November.

While the South Australian government announced that petrol stations had been classified as an essential service and were allowed to remain open, details around which products and services could be offered to customers were lacking.

We have received mixed messages from the South Australian government, firstly advising that petrol stations could operate as normal during the lockdown, then further updates came through that only prepackaged food and beverages such as pies and sandwiches were allowed to be sold.

Finally, clarification was made that petrol stations with takeaway, cafe and barista style coffee had to close down all food and beverage preparation in their business including prepackaged food. The only exception to this rule is roadhouses being able to provide meals to heavy vehicle operators.

Further frustration was felt by fuel retailers throughout South Australia with the seemingly contradictory regulations placed on petrol stations and supermarkets. Under the rules of the lockdown supermarkets have been allowed to sell prepackaged and ready to eat food while Petrol stations are not.

We are all hoping that during the 6 day lockdown, health authorities can get the latest outbreak of COVID-19 under control so we can all get back to normal business trading.

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