RAA petrol app to provide live fuel pricing, as cost hits highest point in 12 months

The state’s 600,000 member strong motoring organisation will provide a free and independent real-time fuel price app, as prices hit a 12-month peak.

Petrol prices in South Australia have soared to the highest level in a year, as the RAA prepares to provide a free live-price app for its 600,000 members.

From April, the State Government will collect details of fuel-price changes and make them available within 30 minutes of every fluctuation at the bowser.

But the fuel-watch scheme will rely on the private sector making the information available on mobile phone apps.

RAA fuel price expert Mark Borlace said the member-based organisation would on Tuesday announce it would provide the only independent app for fuel prices.

He said there was never a more important time to promote shopping around for cheap fuel deals, after the peak retail price in Adelaide this week hit its highest level since before the COVID-19 pandemic struck early last year.

“The peak price for unleaded reached 155.9c/litre in Adelaide and the previous peak was February last year, when fuel reached more than 160c/litre,” Mr Borlace said yesterday.

The government will this month meet with app developers and publishers to plan for the introduction of real-time pricing apps.

Mr Borlace said the RAA wanted the data collection to begin “as soon as possible”, with prices beginning to spiral again.

“The price per barrel was around $20 when unleaded was $1 per litre and it is now $52,’’ he said.

“One good point is that the fuel cycle from top to bottom price has returned to two weeks as retailers chase volume, and that’s good for motorists because many can make a tank last for two weeks.’’

Extracted from Adelaide Now

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