Petrol station proposal at Rainbow St fuels division in Sandgate

A plan for a new service station right next door to a McDonald’s restaurant has some Brisbane bayside residents questioning if it is the ‘safe option’ for the site.

The proposal for a new service station on Rainbow St at Sandgate has fuelled division within the bayside community, a number of whom submitted formal feedback to the Brisbane City Council this week.

Lithos Holdings Pty Ltd submitted a development application to council for the demolition and reconstruction of the building at 57 Rainbow St, next to the Sandgate McDonald’s.

The building had originally been used as a service station but in recent years had been converted into a mechanical workshop and tyre shop, occupied by the likes of Mr Tyre and Ultratune.

Developers wish to build a new service station and convenience store on the site, with an “improved layout, with new fuel dispenser forecourt under a covered canopy (and) improved arrangements (that) will enhance the function and safety of the road network and optimise multiple existing access points”.

Though the 1,270m² has previously been used for such purposes, many Sandgate residents are loath to see it return.

In anonymous feedback submitted to council, one resident states the proposed station is “way too close to food outlets … where there (are) lots of kids coming and going”.

“I really don’t think adding a service station in this day and age … is a safe option, on one our busy main roads in and out of Sandgate,” the resident said.

“Also take into account the water table and environment of wildlife in the area, these are very important to residents.”

Other residents raise concerns about increased traffic congestion, noise, the notable lack of EV charges, and question the necessity of yet another petrol station in the Sandgate area.

Extracted from Courier Mail

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