Peters unveils new Drumstick flavours

The popular ice cream company has just revealed its new range that includes two new flavours that are bound to get fans excited.

Peters has just unveiled its new range of Drumsticks – and it’s bound to get fans very excited.

For the first time ever, the popular ice cream brand has released a fudge range that consists of two new delectable flavours, S’Mores and Choc & Hazelnut.

Both have thick, fudgy cores with S’Mores packing all the flavours of marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate into Drumstick’s signature crispy wafer cone.

It is inspired by the campfire treat that’s popular in the US and comes complete with a decadent choc fudge centre.

Meanwhile the Choc & Hazelnut combo delivers, according to the makers, “the perfect” hazelnut, chocolate and creamy vanilla flavours, topped with crushed hazelnuts.

The new four-pack Fudge range is now available from supermarkets across Australia.

It comes after Peters recently announced its classic vanilla flavour is now available in a plant-based version.

Staying true to Drumstick’s creamy vanilla base, the new vegan ice cream has been carefully crafted, delivering on taste and texture.

“As more people move towards a plant-based diet/lifestyle, it is important that we create something that everyone can enjoy without compromising on taste or texture,” Drumstick senior brand manager Tara Cook said.

“To achieve this, our tastemakers have been hard at work to ensure the new Drumstick delivers on that iconic texture and flavour.”

The vegan flavour is available in the freezers of all major supermarkets.


Extracted from News.com.au