Newcastle service station worker threatened by man armed with meat cleaver in robbery

A NSW service station worker has opened up about the terrifying moment he was threatened by a man armed with a meat cleaver and his dog.

Rashadul Islam was behind the counter at the Newcastle petrol station on Tuesday night when a man walked in with his Staffordshire terrier.

The man, who was dressed in all black and was wearing a face covering, began shouting orders at Islam, before throwing a duffle bag in his direction.

“Fill up the bag with f** cigarettes or I’ll let the dog go and he’s going to f** kill you,” the man was heard saying on security vision.

As he moved towards the counter, the man could be seen pulling a meat cleaver out of the pocket of his jumper.

“He will hit me with a meat cleaver knife if I don’t do it in a hurry,” Islam told 7NEWS.

The robber was heard continuing to bark orders at his victim.

Despite being left frightened by the incident, Islam said he needs to keep working to support his family.

“I’m feeling very nervous and I couldn’t sleep at night,” he said.

“I’m very afraid.”

After two minutes of terror, the thief grabbed his bag and rushed out with his dog, getting away with $250 cash and $1000 worth of cigarettes.

Police are now searching for the thief.

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