Liquid fuel depot proposed for Teven Road in West Ballina

The facility ‒ which would be built on a vacant block of land near the Pacific Highway ‒ could be used by local farmers and businesses.

A liquid fuel depot project has been proposed for West Ballina.

The plan includes a single 98,000 litre self-bounded (double wall) above-ground diesel fuel tank, plus a fuel pumping, dispensing and metering container.

The proposed facility would service the adjoining Go Grow site, with vehicles using it for refuelling as required.

It would also refuel trucks owned by local farmers and other businesses who require fuel services to undertake their activities.

The application to council was lodged by Newton Denny Chapelle in April on behalf of Mini Tankers Australia Pty, to be located in land owned by Teven Park Pty Limited.

The land where the proposed depot could be located contains is currently vacant, and it is a registered site area of 4.28ha. It was used until recently for the processing of green waste from the Pacific Highway upgrade.

The dispensing facility is to be located within the south west corner of the site fronting Teven Road. The property also has frontage to the Pacific Highway which forms the eastern boundary of the site.

The proposed facility would be located near Teven Road, in a 4.28ha site that is currently vacant.
The cost of the project is expected to reach $70,000.

Council documents from the proponent stated that the facility will be filled via a 44,000 litre tanker that will service the site up to six times per month, subject to demand.

“A smaller tanker will then distribute the fuel on an as-needs basis to local businesses, which is estimated to be up to three trucks per day from Monday to Friday,” the application explained.

“The tanker can enter and exit the allotment in a forward direction with the existing driveway designed to accommodate a B-double.

“No staff are required to service the facility on a full-time basis. The facility is managed via the truck driver and a card system to determine the amount of fuel dispensed at any one time.”

The proponent also lodged a dangerous goods safety management plan and an environment management plan.

The proposal is currently on public exhibition in Ballina Shire Council’s website.

Extracted from Daily Telegraph

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