Knife pulled out during petrol station altercation near Perth

A knife has allegedly been pulled out during a confrontation at a petrol station in the Perth suburb of Kwinana.

Miimama Amataiti was at the Kwinana service station on Mandurah Road about 11am when she says she saw a female driver in a red car being blocked by a grey ute after she had tried to cut in line.

“I was thinking ‘oh my god, what’s going on. What’s going to happen to this person?'” Ms Amataiti said.

Seconds later a passenger in the red car had gotten out and allegedly pulled out a weapon.

“He was waving the knife around to the elder male [of the grey ute] saying ‘if you don’t get back in your car I’m going to f—— cut you open’,” Ms Amataiti said.

The confrontation lasted only a few minutes and was captured by CCTV footage.

“When she [driver of red car] got outside the kid had actually got back in the car and his girlfriend was speeding off and he was waving his knife at her from the passenger window,” Ms Amataiti said.

The male driver of the grey vehicle appeared visibly shaken.

“Pulling out a knife over a fuel queue spot is just ridiculous,” another witness, Rahil Memon, said.

The Mandurah Road petrol station is frequently busy with more than 2000 vehicles passing through a day.

Staff said the behaviour of drivers was getting worse.

More than 100 rage-fuelled incidents have happened within the station’s network in just six months.

“Maybe [it’s] the fuel prices, maybe it’s the after-COVID effects. Everyone is so angry these days. Everyone just wants to fight over petty issues,” Mr Memon said.

Staff are urging the public to remain calm while filling up their cars with petrol.


Extracted from 9News

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