Isuzu Electrifies with D-Max EV

Isuzu’s big news just dropped: they’ve unveiled the electric version of their popular D-Max ute, and it’s heading for Australia! This sleek electric concept, showcased before its debut at the Bangkok Motor Show, signals a major shift for Isuzu’s ute lineup. 

Set to hit the roads in Norway first by 2025 before making its way to Australia, the UK, and Thailand, this electric D-Max is generating quite the buzz. While exact dates are still under wraps, Isuzu is keeping a keen eye on market demands and working to meet Aussie needs.

Now, let’s talk power. This electric D-Max packs a punch with dual motors – one upfront delivering 40kW/108Nm, and a hefty 90kW/217Nm one at the rear, totalling 130kW and 325Nm. Plus, this beauty promises some serious muscle with a shared 66.9kWh battery borrowed from Isuzu’s electric N Series truck.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not just powerful; it’s practical too. With a payload capacity of 1000kg and a towing capacity of 3500kg, it’s right up there with its turbo-diesel counterpart. And while we’re still waiting on exact range figures, Isuzu’s keeping its cards close to the chest.

Moreover, the design remains sharp and true to its roots, with just a touch of modern sleekness thrown in. So, whether you’re a die-hard D-Max fan or just jumping on the electric bandwagon, this ride promises to deliver the goods – both on and off the road.

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