Interview: Ludo Wilmann – Regional Sales Director at Dover Fueling Solutions

Wayne Fuel Dispensers seem to be popping up everywhere. We recently sat down with Ludo Wilmann, Regional Sales Director at Dover Fueling Solutions to discuss their success, what makes him pull into a petrol station and the EV revolution.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Dover Fueling Solutions?

Dover Fueling Solutions was created just over two years ago after Dover’s acquisition of the Tokheim and Wayne businesses. DFS is now the largest dispenser manufacturer in the world. I have been with DFS for two years now, having moved across from a different Dover business involved in the Aviation Fuel industry. DFS has an exceptional product offering and a great culture, making it a great place to work.

What are a couple of the reasons why Wayne Helix Fuel Dispensers are so highly regarded in the fuel industry?

Wayne has been around for over 125 years, and is a global leader when it comes to fuel dispensers. Wayne dispensers are globally renowned for their quality and reliability. When the Helix platform was designed a number of years ago, the key design principles centred around customer interaction and aesthetics of the dispenser, with the key technologies (hydraulics, electronics etc) remaining the same – a testament to the long-standing quality of the Wayne product.

What are some of the benefits of replacing old fuel dispensers with new ones?

Dispensers have a life of type of between 10 & 20 years, depending on the brand and year of manufacture. Older dispensers can have high running costs due to frequent breakdowns. Ultimately, the fuel dispenser is the primary piece of equipment which the customer sees and interacts with on a daily basis, so it is critical that this equipment is functional, safe and easy to use. Also, there is nothing that makes a service station look better than brand new dispensers.

When you are visiting petrol stations what’s the main thing you notice the successful sites are doing differently?

Sites that look tired I like to avoid, compared to those which have a fresh and new look and feel.

What are your thoughts on electric vehicles? Are we going to see charging stations at every petrol station in the near future?

It is inevitable that the future of road transport is through electric vehicles, albeit it will be many years before we see more electric vehicles than combustion engine vehicles on our roads. We will certainly start seeing more and more charging stations at petrol stations around Australia. DFS is actively working on its offering for the future, so watch this space!