Independent Interview – Eddy Nader, Managing Director at Nader Petroleum Group

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At ServoPro, we keep a close eye on what’s working for not only the majors but also the Independents. Successful Independent Service Station Operators are hard working, innovative and highly motivated. A great example of a successful Independent is Eddy Nader, Managing Director at the Nader Petroleum Group.  Eddy recently won two major business awards.  The first award was ‘Business Person of the Year – 2017’ for the City of Canterbury, Bankstown. The second was the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) ‘Independent Store of the Year’ award for his Smeaton Grange store.

Eddy Nader is very focused on supporting the community. At his BP Urbanista Cafe stores, Eddy is supporting the Save Our Sons Foundation by donating 30 cents from every cup of coffee they sell during the month of September.

Eddy is a very busy man but we managed to grab him for a couple of minutes to find out how he stays motivated and the secrets of his success.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the Petrol & Convenience Industry?

I have been in the industry basically all my life. My father took on his first service station in 1970.

What are the key lesson you have learnt along the way in business?

What is new today is old tomorrow. You have to keep on top of your game to survive

How do you stay motivated to keep growing and improving your business?

You have no choice in business but to stay motivated. The moment you lose the passion…..get out. It’s the same if you don’t want to improve your business. It’s either get out or go broke.

For the Independents to remain a force in our industry, they must change and adapt. Where do you think service stations owners should be focusing their resources?

At the moment we are all enjoying healthy fuel margins, but you never know when that will stop. We have to adapt our shop offer to survive when margins thin out.

ServoPro is all about helping the Independents compete in a highly competitive industry. What is the best advice you could give other Independents in order to grow and improve their business?

Look at what the big boys are doing, replicate it but do it better. Study overseas markets. See what they are doing, take learnings from those markets and make them fit our market.


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