If your fuel station information got into wrong hands, how could it affect you?

How to avoid Cyber attack on fuel stations – As things get more digital and everything is connected, the potential for cyber-attacks grows..

Petrol stations around the world have been left wide open to remote takeover from hackers due to a number of unknown vulnerabilities. Several security vulnerabilities generally only require “low skill” to exploit.

A Cyber Hacker can exploit the vulnerabilities in a fuel station to:

  • shut down all fueling systems, change fuel prices and even cause fuel leakages.
  • allow them to circumvent payment terminals to steal money because the controller connects directly to the payment terminal, so payment transactions could be hijacked.
  • vehicle license plates and driver identities could also be scraped using a petrol station’s CCTV footage.

When it comes to connected devices, it is easy to focus on the new and forget about products installed many years ago that might be leaving the business wide open to attack. An attack on the fuel monitoring, ATG and security systems —or Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices that provide monitoring data to such systems—can have devastating consequences. It is something for fuel station everywhere to keep in mind as they consider how to protect a growing number of sophisticated devices.

Consequences of Cyber Attack on Fuel Stations – Are you willing to take the risk?

Petrol station security flaws could allow hackers to cause fuel losses and steal a lot more than just cash. The damage that could be done by sabotaging a petrol station doesn’t bear thinking about. Some of the losses could be:


Cyber Security is making news across the globe for all the wrong reasons.

  • Fuel Pump stations POS terminals are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks says VISA
  • Croatia’s largest petrol station chain impacted by cyber-attack
  • US petrol supplies tighten after Colonial Pipeline hack

It was recently discovered that the automated tank gauges at roughly 3 percent of the 150,000 gas stations in the U.S. lack basic password protection for keeping out intruders. Accordingly, the control ports in these ATGs could in theory be attacked, causing their respective stations to essentially shut down because of erroneous tank readings.

Protect your fuel retail business from such Cyber Security threats

EMS specialise in services consisting of the most sophisticated Wetstock Management solution for Fuel Stations in the market, underpinned by world leading technology.

EMS’s security posture address both the platforms and applications our solution operates on meeting the requirements of ISO2001:2013 heading towards both platform and application certification.

Our Wetstock Management Solution helps you:

  • understand and identify where your vulnerabilities are.
  • help you strengthen your defences fast & prevent future breaches & threats to your fuel monitoring systems
  • proactively support you

Fuelsuite gives you complete control from anywhere in the world

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock management solution. This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.

The petrol stations of the future are seen as mobility stations that will include a wide range of services including delivery services with drones, autonomous vehicles, bike sharing… All these services will be heavily connected and will make the challenge only bigger.

Don’t leave your fuel station and business open to attack.

How to avoid Cyber attack on fuel stations – CONTACT US TO FIND OUT HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FUEL BUSINESS.

Want to know more about how Fuelsuite can benefit your business?

Contact EMS today or send Dan an email at [email protected] to talk about how you can eliminate uncertainty and risk in your business.

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