How to Improve Employee Retention at your Petrol Station

Acquiring talented employees isn’t the only step to keeping your petrol station running smoothly. Once you have your top-talent on board, your next focus should be on figuring out how to keep them.

Improving employee retention is important to ensuring that your business is successful. Aside from talented employees helping the company grow, losing talent comes at a significant cost to the company, as you will have to worry about the cost of rehiring and re-training new employees.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be struggling with employee retention more than ever. With all of this in mind, here are some ways to improve employee retention rate so that your business can keep running as it has been.

Understand Why Employees Leave, and Make Changes to Prevent It

Knowing why your employees are leaving is important to improving retention. When your employee decides to leave, consider implementing exit interviews so that you can understand their experience with the business and why they have made the decision to leave.

Some of the most common reasons employees decide to leave include low salary, feeling overworked and underappreciated, being bored, having limited opportunities for advancement, unhappiness with the direction the company is going in, and a dislike for the company’s management.

Listen to what your employee has to say, and make changes where you are capable. For example, if your employee has issues with the management, consider adjusting the way your company runs so that you can make your employees feel comfortable enough to stay on board.

Implement Employee Retention Strategies

If you’re struggling with retaining your employees, there are various strategies that you can use to help prevent your top talent from leaving. Some great strategies to use when you’re trying to improve employee retention include:

  • Utilising orientation programs
  • Implementing mentorship programs
  • Pay competitive compensation
  • Have job perks
  • Use wellness offerings
  • Keep open communication
  • Give feedback on your employee’s performance
  • Recognise your employee’s achievements and reward them
  • Help employees have a healthy work-life balance
  • Be flexible on where your employees can work–remotely if possible
  • Manage change and emphasise teamwork
  • Acknowledge employee milestones

Using these strategies can shift the way your employee views their time at your petrol station, and can help to keep them on board if they are considering leaving. And the best part of these strategies is that a lot of them do not have to cost you a cent!

Plan for Retention Beyond COVID-19

Plan for how to improve employee retention rates beyond the pandemic. Stay organised now and use the above strategies to keep employees on board. Making sure things are running smoothly now will ensure that chaos doesn’t ensue when things are back to normal. Make sure to plan for now and for the future, and use retention strategies that will help regardless of whether or not COVID is a factor.


By ServoPro

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