How to Clean and Sanitise Your Petrol Station

Petrol station owners want to have a clean, safe, and attractive place of business, especially in times of a global pandemic. Ensuring proper hygiene practices should be a top priority in providing a quality customer experience. Otherwise, you’ll drive your customers to your competitors.

Having a cleaning checklist that you and your employees can follow daily will help prevent your service station from appearing unkempt and unsafe. So let’s explore how you can keep your business sparkling.

1. Empty Rubbish Bins
One of the first things customers will notice is if your rubbish bins are overflowing. It immediately gives the impression that your petrol station is less hygienic, especially when rubbish is spilling across the forecourt. It’s also highly inconvenient for customers and another reason for them to do business elsewhere. Regularly check and empty your rubbish bins.

2. Sweep Interior and Exterior Walkways
Even a small amount of rubbish on walkways or dirt inside your petrol station will negatively affect a customer’s impression. It’s critical to maintain a clean floor inside your Convenience Store and outdoors surrounding the fuel pumps. If you have rubbish bins that aren’t enclosed, sweep that area to prevent litter from spreading.

Keep a rotating schedule of employees sweeping multiple times throughout the day and provide different brooms for separate areas. If possible, installing an enclosure for your rubbish bins can help keep unsightly rubbish out of sight, and any litter contained.

3. Sanitise Restrooms Hourly
A bathroom is supposed to be immaculate regardless of being public. An unkempt bathroom speaks volumes about a business and is downright unsafe. The spread of Covid-19 has made everyone more conscientious than ever of public areas and being such a personal place, a bathroom should be cleaned and sanitised hourly.

Using safe cleaning products that kill bacteria on every surface provides safety to your customers, and they’ll see that you take the pandemic seriously and will go to any measure to protect them.

4. Clean All Surfaces Regularly
Whether it’s glass, windows, counters, door handles, or petrol pumps, all surfaces must be wiped down regularly. If possible, cleaning them after customer use is optimal. You don’t know if your customers are ill or what bacteria may be on their hands, but by sanitising all touchable surfaces, it’s less likely that it’ll be spread to other customers.

Consistency is Key
Preventative maintenance and consistency will keep your petrol station clean, safe, and attractive. A sparkling store will make you a reputable business and keep your customers coming back!

We’re here to help
If your petrol station needs a deep clean, we have you covered through our partners at Hard Surface Cleaners. HSC provides a cost-effective solution for those petrol station owners who want to keep their sites looking brand new. For more information, reach out for a quote.

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