How petrol price hikes are affecting family-owned service stations

There is no doubt drivers are feeling the pain of high petrol prices, but so are independent service stations.

One family-operated business on Brisbane’s north side is struggling to make a profit by keeping their prices below average.

Paul Kelsall’s family has run the Liberty Service station at Grange for four years.

When it opened, unleaded fuel sold for 99 cents a litre.

Today it’s $1.55, with Mr Kelsall making just one centre from every litre.

“It’s had a large impact on the family, we discuss it each day, and hopefully it’ll change soon,” he said.

Constant reports of drivers being ripped off frustrates the business owner, who says he is trying to keep prices below average and give drivers a fair go.

“We always try to look after the public,” he said.

Just 400 metres from Paul’s service station, Puma is selling unleaded fuel for $1.65.

The RACQ says the fair price in Brisbane is $1.63 a litre.

A few kilometres away in Ashgrove, it’s nearly $1.70 a litre at BP.

“It’s hard to predict where prices will go, as crude oil prices have been volatile,” RACQ’s Lucinda Ross said.

Mr Kelsall believes the industry is suffering as the buying price of oil rises.

He says it’s a struggle to keep on top of costs, proving that petrol price rises aren’t just hurting the hip pocket of those filling up at the bowser.


Extracted from Yahoo News

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