How a Kitchen Display System (KVD) Can Improve Efficiency & Maximize Your Food & Beverage Sales

If you’re like many of our members, your petrol station isn’t simply a place for your customers to refuel. More and more, petrol stations are becoming places that consumers can count on to pick up a quick meal, or a great cup of coffee. If you’re growing your business through food and beverage offerings, then order efficiency truly matters.

One of the best ways to make your food and beverage sales system more efficient is to integrate a Kitchen Video Display (KVD) into your POS system. Instead of relying on staff to write or print individual service tickets, a KVD is a system for your POS which electronically displays food and beverage orders on an easy to navigate screen for cooks and baristas.

To explain how their KVD system is helping service stations save time and money as food and drink sales increase, we invited Kesavan Satkunam at Beacon Systems to weigh in. From increased order accuracy to time efficiency, Beacon’s KVD system can help your petrol station expand its offerings without leaving you overwhelmed.

Increase Overall Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits to integrating a KVD into your POS system is the new level of efficiencies it allows your petrol station to reach. Where petrol stations operating without a KVD are resigned to printing or manually writing tickets, those using one are freed from the inconvenience of sorting and keeping track of many order slips.

Kesavan cites the amount of control that Beacon’s KVD system affords kitchen staff who may have otherwise been overwhelmed by high order volumes. Beacon’s systems relays the orders to kitchen or barista staff on a digital screen. All orders are listed in the order in which they were received, meaning staff can move through them at a practiced and meaningful rate, without the headache of ticket mix ups.

Improved Order Accuracy

When relying on printed or written tickets, orders are only as accurate as they are written down. With Beacon’s KVD, orders are automatically pushed to the digital display as they are rung through. This means fewer mix ups, and happier customers. All of us know what it’s like to wait for an order, only to end up receiving something that is partially or completely incorrect. A KVD helps to prevent these errors by clearly listing all elements of the order in the manner in which it was placed.

A KVD Saves Time & Money

As a business owner, you know time is money. When dealing with food and drink sales, the amount you are able to sell is linked largely to the speed at which you are able to process the orders.

Kesavan explains how Beacon’s KVD system saves petrol stations time by showing multiple orders at once, and making new orders immediately appear on screen after it is completed in the POS. From sandwiches to coffee, having all active orders conveyed in chronological order allows workers to prioritise and multitask, meaning they can move more quickly and efficiently during lunch or dinner rushes. The more customers you are able to serve, the more worthwhile food and drink service becomes.

A KVD Streamlines Business & Increases Sales

Whether your petrol station is considering or is already currently providing food or beverage service to customers, a Kitchen Video Display system for your POS maximizes efficiency and streamlines the process. Feedback from petrol station operators who have made the switch to Beacon’s new KVD system has been overwhelmingly positive, with owners reporting improved speed and efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

More customers served means higher profits, and satisfied customers means repeat business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by orders and are looking to maximize your petrol station’s efficiency as it expands its services, Beacon’s KVD system may be the solution you’re looking for.

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